Which timezone do we play on?

Tournaments are always scheduled for AET (Sydney and Melbourne) as it’s the most inclusive time for each end of the spectrum—New Zealand and Western Australia.

How do we submit results?

Once a tournament begins, the option to submit results will appear next to your team’s name on the tournament page. Click this link and follow the instructions.

Can we report a score after the deadline?

If you start a match before the deadline, you can include it in your final results.

We made a mistake on registration. Help!

If you need to change your team’s name or amend a username, reach out to @sixaxisco on Twitter. We’ll sort it for you.

Which platform are these tournaments for?

PlayStation only. We hope to support other platforms in the future.

How come you only support Oceania?

We are still testing our rules and systems and would like to do so in a smaller environment. Other regions and platforms might be added at a later date.