As we need to verify reported scores, TRN’s match tracker must remain open for all players during your matches. Click here for instructions.



Before entering a tournament, please be aware that each takes 2–3 hours to complete, start to finish. All scheduled times are AET (Sydney and Melbourne).


Tournaments are open to PlayStation gamers from Australia & New Zealand. We hope to expand to other regions and platforms in the future.

Player IDs

Teams must register 100% valid and accurate PlayStation usernames. If any usernames are found to be incorrect a team may be disqualified. Teams are also not permitted to use a substitute at any stage during a tournament.

Format and scoring

Teams play for 2 hours and record their 5 best scores. This allows leniency for disconnects and good ol’ fashioned RNG.

Kill — 1 point
Win — 6 points


2 + 5 + 8 + 6 = 21

The match above will net your team a total of 21 points. Tally up the score from each of your 5 best matches and enter them when submitting results.

Reporting scores

It is your responsibility to report scores after completing matches. Visit the tournament page you’re competing in and click “Report Scores” next to your team’s name. These will be validated and confirmed by our administrators.

All scores must be reported by 9am AET the following morning.


Capture a screenshot from each of your matches and upload these when submitting results. Data from these images will be cross-referenced with third party match tracking services to confirm their validity.

We ask that these are screenshots from your PS4. Low-quality photos from mobile phones are not always acceptable.


We have zero tolerance for cheating. Hacking or an attempt to falsify scores will result in immediate disqualification and removal from all future tournaments.